About Us


The NHGA specializes in providing honor guard training to firefighters, police officers, and EMS personnel. 

Our honor guard training focuses on how to care for the family of an emergency service provider on their greatest day of need – the day they bury their loved one. 

There are a host of traditions in the emergency service community and we teach honor guards how to preserve those traditions with honor, dignity and respect. We are the trusted team that brings tradition and precision together. We are the ambassadors that match the compassionate needs of the family with the traditional needs of the emergency service department.  

Should one of our brothers or sisters pay the ultimate sacrifice, the newly acquired knowledge of NHGA graduates makes them properly prepared to provide a family with the support needed to properly honor their loved one.

The NHGA was founded by fire service honor guard members who appreciated the need to elevate the professionalism and presentation of Emergency Service Honor Guards. 

Now we travel the nation providing honor guard training and enhancing the knowledge of law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMS providers like you. 

The Academy focuses on several simple principles:

  1. Preserve pride, honor and tradition.
  2. Pay precise attention to detail.
  3. Build a network of local and national resources.

The Academy provides you and your honor guard members the foundation to build your team from the ground up, or strengthen your existing team to precision. Additionally, the course format provides for team building and promotes the importance of graduates utilizing the contacts they have made after they return to their department. This assembly of unlimited resources will prove to be a valuable asset to any honor guard team.

Breadth of Training 
Honor Guards are often called upon to perform under tremendous adversity. 

The assignments they take on are physically and emotionally draining and it requires a great deal of focus, or even the ability to temporarily disconnect, in order to function properly. We make every effort to prepare students for what they will face in preparation for an event, be it a groundbreaking ceremony or a full-honors Line of Duty Death (LODD) funeral.

Honor Guards provide one of the most visible and positive images for their department. Be it a parade, ground breaking, sporting event or funeral, the presence alone of the honor guard immediately draws attention and raises the formality of the event. 

The Academy is built on honor, dignity and respect, with the utmost concern for the needs and wishes of the affected family and department. We share an overwhelming pride in our country and the traditions of our Public Safety Agencies, and pass on that passion to you.