How to Host an Academy

The NHGA will work with you to navigate the details involved in coordinating an Academy for your organization.

Step One

  1. Review the Course Description and Boot Camp Agenda.
  2. We recommend you begin planning your Boot Camp 3-6 months in advance.

Step Two

  1. Share the NHGA information with your supervisor and secure permission to contact us.
  2. Share the information with your colleagues and discuss their level of interest in participating.
  3. Discuss dates to schedule the Boot Camp that will work best for your organization. You will need to set aside six days for the Boot Camp. Be mindful of any local activities and holidays that may conflict with the dates you select.

Step Three
Contact the NHGA:
Phone: (727) 487-3973

Be prepared to provide the following for the Boot Camp:
It is our experience that facilities near airports provide the most convenient options, although any location that meets the following criteria will work.

  1. Classroom for up to 50 students
  2. Drill area for marching (a large parking lot)
  3. Secondary drill area indoors (optional)
  4. Locker/shower facilities for after PT
  5. Onsite lodging and meals preferred (catered breakfast and lunch)
  6. A/V setup with DVD, Audio and PowerPoint Projector
  7. Graduation venue, auditorium style preferred, with sound and projection capabilities;
  8. Field trip venues to include Funeral Home, Church and Cemetery for use during mock funeral;
  9. Marketing and promotion of Academy. Host would receive incentives for reaching predetermined benchmarks in class size. Minimum = 20, Maximum = 50 (waiting list recommended)
  10. Receive shipments of uniforms and supplies;
  11. Lodging for Academy instructors;
  12. Local transportation for Academy instructors;
  13. List of local activities and events, most importantly, restaurant guide and recommendations.
  14. Adequate supplies and equipment based on class size. This would include but is not limited to:

Casket (2)
Church truck (cart)
Casket flags (one per eight students)
Flags, harnesses and weapons for Color Detail (one set per 4-6 students) Agencies can bring their own equipment
Hearse (available when at Funeral Home/Cemetery)
Rifles and blank ammunition for firing detail, if applicable
Water coolers/rehab, if applicable

And last but not least, anything else we can think of, usually the impossible at the most inopportune time. Just kidding, but there can be other items that arise and are site specific. This is why it is best, if at all possible, to have a host agency liaison that is detailed to NHGA staff for the duration of the class. This doesn’t have to be the same person the entire week, but it would add to the consistency and overall flow of the class.



NHGA Course Description (pdf)


NHGA Sample Boot Camp Agenda (pdf)