National Honor Guard Academy Honor - Dignity - Respect

Click on each of the logos below to hear about the experiences of several students in recent NHGA classes.

  Robert Simmons
  Firefighter/Pipe Major
  South Portland, Maine

  Leonard Thomas
  Deputy Sheriff
  Santa Rosa County, Florida

   Levi Clements
   Former Student and now an NHGA Instructor
   Mansfield, Texas


"The instructors were very motivating, knowledgeable and personal. It shows it is not just a job; they really care about what they do."
--Academy Graduate 2010

"I have never had a class before where all the instructors were so eager to teach and maintained such a high standard the whole class."
--Academy Graduate 2008

"This course was very well organized and executed. I was very moved by your sense of duty, dedication, passion and your willingness to share it."
--Academy Graduate 2009

"I did not know what to expect when I signed up for this class, but by day two, I had to call my chief and tell him that this was the best class that I had ever taken and the money was well spent."
--Academy Graduate 2011

"The knowledge and teamwork of the instructors was outstanding. They also made great use of visual aids and handouts. An excellent week of instruction."
--Academy Graduate 2006

"I was impressed with the set up of the curriculum and how it delivered so much learning in such a short period of time. It built a team in 5 days."
--Academy Graduate 2015

"In my nearly 15 year career, this was by far the best in service class i have ever taken! I would attend again without hesitation and recommend it to anyone who thinks they are serious about the honor guard."
--Academy Graduate 2015

"I have waited a long time for training this beneficial. I was impressed with the professionalism of the staff and their willingness to go above and beyond to help the students. This class exceeded all my expectations."
--Academy Graduate 2014

"This class challenged me physically and mentally. The instructors gave 100% every minute and only required the same of us. I have a higher level of pride and appreciation for this career and my confidence is greatly improved."
--Academy Graduate 2013

"It was the best training I ever had. The pride that each of the instructors brought into the program and the knowledge will serve me well not only on the job, but in my home as well."
--Academy Graduate 2012

"It was obvious that a tremendous amount of planning went into this class." 
--Academy Graduate 2008

"The course materials were first class and the staff was extremely knowledgeable."
--Academy Graduate 2008

“Great class. I probably learned as much about being a leader as I did about being in the Honor Guard.”  
--Academy Graduate 2007

“This class truly exceeded my needs, what a wealth of information. It really helped me to understand what is needed to have a successful honor guard.”  
--Academy Graduate 2012

“Thanks to all the instructors. You have changed my life and I am proud of what I do again. I will take back pride and honor to my department.” 
-–Academy Graduate 2007

“In 19 years with the fire service this is one of the best schools I’ve attended. Outstanding experience and I will highly recommend to others.”  
--Academy Graduate 2007

“I liked the discipline and willingness to help correct errors with one on one instruction. Thanks to each of you for taking the time from your schedules and families to help teach us to be part of something so special.”  
--Academy Graduate 2007

“By far the best class I have taken. I liked the order of instruction, we started as 38 people who marched different or couldn’t march and because of your instruction, we marched together as a class. I have never seen so much new information get taught in one weeks time and the class understand how to use it.” 
--Academy Graduate 2014

“The instructors were all true professionals. Instructor Swartz set the tone from the beginning which I liked. His style was excellent; tough, informative, motivated, funny and sensitive. A great leader. It was a true pleasure and honor to be in this class.”
--Academy Graduate 2006

“You did a great job passing information to us.  It is amazing how much information there is out there. Before the Academy, I thought the Honor Guard was pretty basic. Now I know differently and realize how little I did know-this is a good thing. The Academy has motivated me to go back and share my experiences so we can bring our training to a whole new level.”  
--Academy Graduate 2006

“All of us feel the Academy was the best training we could ever have had to get our new Honor Guard off to a great start.”  
--Academy Graduate 2015

“Your dedication is second to none. I had the opportunity to march in a parade right after the class and when I took that first step off, I felt that pride and honor in being there.” 
--Academy Graduate 2006

“Nearly 20 years in the Fire Service and this is the best class I have ever taken.”              
--Academy Graduate 2006

“As I have traveled around the country during my tenure in the fire service and during my response to major incidents, I have had the opportunity to meet a handful of very special and elite firefighters. They all have one thing in common; a passion for the fire service and compassion for their fire service colleagues. I am pleased to report that I have added you to that special group. You made us raise the bar even further.” 
-–Academy Graduate 2010

“You have tremendous passion, pride and respect for drill and honor guard details. I would rank this as one of the best classes I have ever taken."
-–Academy Graduate 2006

“You and you staff demonstrated many times this week that the effort put forth goes much further than a paycheck. Our pride is our reward.”  
--Academy Graduate 2006

“My first thoughts of this class were that it was just going to be another class that Law Enforcement attended and everyone just has a good time and some information is exchanged. Not the case here. This class should be a mandatory tool for any person that is trying to join the ranks of an honor guard in any department.” 
-–Academy Graduate 2014